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Beautiful hardwood floors designed for a lifetime

Muncie, Indiana, native Hans Heintzelman started working with hardwoods over 30 years ago making wooden jewelry and carvings. Since then he has developed into a full-fledged master carpenter with an expertise in hardwood flooring. His passion for his work is fueled by his love for the aesthetics of what an artist can do with wood. An award-winning artist, Hans has created some of the most beautiful wooden floors to be seen in any residence or business.

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Choosing hardwood flooring for your home

From carpet to tile, the options for home flooring are nearly endless, but one material is the acknowledged timeless standard: hardwood. From domestic oak to Brazilian Ipe, wood flooring comes in many varieties, styles, widths, textures, and colors. Working with Heintzelman Hardwood Floors, you can choose any wood, any color, and we'll find it for you.  

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Time-tested process for exceptional results

Heintzelman Hardwoods uses a time-tested process to deliver you the absolute best hardwood floor available. Founder and artist Hans Heintzelman will meet with you personally and work with you to develop the best design for your home or business. From materials selection to finish, every detail will be discussed and selected to match your room perfectly and stand the test of time. Hans promises, "It will be the last floor you'll ever need."

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