Heintzelman Hardwoods offers a variety of services for all of your flooring needs

Whether starting with new hardwood floors or repairing your existing flooring, you want your home to make a statement that is as unique as you are. Hans will help you do that by working with you to develop a custom design that matches your lifestyle and creates the atmosphere and image you want for your home. With a wide variety of wood species and styles available — from traditional 2.25" plank to wide plank flooring and from red oak to exotic Brazilian Teakwood — anything is possible!

Founder and owner Hans Heintzelman puts his personal and professional reputation on the line with every project. He only employs skilled professional carpenters and assistants whom he knows personally to ensure that your flooring is installed to his exacting standards.

Install, Sand & Finish

All Heintzelman hardwood floors are finished on-site, which creates a longer-lasting and easier to care for finish than pre-finished flooring. With typical pre-finished floors, each plank is coated individually as part of the manufacturing process … a process that means you end up with up to 10,000 different finishes! No matter how well they are installed, individually pre-finished boards will have gaps in-between them after installation. Those gaps will collect dirt, dust, and moisture that dull and can eventually damage your flooring.

Heintzelman Hardwood Floors believes the best way to ensure quality is to finish all floors on-site. The process includes multiple layers of the Swedish oil-based polyurethane Synteko, which creates one seamless, shining finish … a single, impenetrable barrier that is as durable as it is beautiful. Your floor will not only last a lifetime, but will be the easiest floor you ever cared for.
In addition to complete hardwood flooring installation, Heintzelman Hardwood Floors specializes in custom transitions between rooms and areas, creating a look that flows uniformly through your interior spaces.

Refinishing (Repair & Restoration)

Considering whether to replace your existing hardwood floors? Call in the expert to help you decide. After a consultation and evaluation, Hans can help you decide whether it’s possible and economical to repair and restore the hardwood floors you have or better to replace them with new flooring.

Heintzelman Hardwood Floors provides complete repair services, including structural repairs, patches, and complete restoration for damaged or long-neglected hardwood floors. Unlike resurfacing which is a lighter process that cleans and replaces the coating of a floor, refinishing involves sanding the floor to the bare wood, applying three coats of oil-based polyurethane and sanding between coats before applying a final finish coat.

Resurface (Maintenance)

Are your floors looking dull or scratched? Preparing to host a big party? Finishing up a room renovation? Consider having your hardwood floors resurfaced to bring the sparkle back to your spaces.
Properly maintained, quality hardwood floors can last a lifetime. In addition to regular cleaning with appropriate supplies and products, occasional “resurfacing” will keep your floors maintained for the life of your home.
Resurfacing begins with a deep, industrial cleaning of the flooring surface to remove accumulated dirt and residues. Then the surface is finely sanded and one layer of oil-based polyurethane applied to bring back strength and shine, protecting your floor for several more years.

Depending on the level of traffic in a room or area, consider planning to have your hardwood floors resurfaced every three to five years … about as often as you repaint your ceilings … or whenever you want them to look “like new” again.
For hardwood floors installed or refinished by Heintzelman Hardwood Floors, we offer a Lifetime Maintenance Plan. We will resurface our own work at any time for just $1 per square foot … for the life of your home. When Hans promises that this will be "the last floor you'll ever install," he means it.

Artisan / Commissioned Hardwood Pieces

An award-winning artist, Hans Heintzelman has also been commissioned by clients across the country to create and install unique designs for homes, offices, and historic buildings. Contact Hans to learn more his artistic work.

At Heintzelman Hardwood Floors, we pride ourselves on providing quality services that exceed your expectations.